Innovative business and digital commerce

Digital commerce with innovation

TS2 believes in the economy of the future, that even in a highly competitive environment, we can create and reinvent ourselves. We have incredible partners and our purpose is to generate value for our network of brands and people.

Innovation is in our DNA and we believe the future is now.

What do we do?

More than managing brands and processes. More than selling. We are here because we believe in what we build. What’s more, we’ve been reinventing ourselves for over 16 years to become more and more a reference in the markets in which we operate.

We are proud of everything that
we conquer and go beyond​

We have brands in our DNA that prioritize quality and are part of people’s daily lives. They are enabling and innovative brands. Relevant partnerships. To be relevant.

Just like those who work with crafts, we are fun, light and innovative. We think every day about how to offer the best products for crafts with paper, vinyl and other media. We help make thousands of people’s projects and dreams come true. We do all this with the love that craftsmanship requires. We are here because we believe we can transform realities. And more than anything: we do everything to get your ideas off the paper.


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Physical Stores BH
Rua Antônio de Albuquerque, 4 – Funcionários, Belo Horizonte – CEP 30112-010

Physical Stores SP
Alameda dos Jurupis, 284 – Moema, São Paulo – CEP 04088-000

Our dream is to help people build creative, inspiring and fun lives. We arrived in Brazil with a mission to expand this dream. Each day, we are inspired to continue to pursue our goal for all our customers and their inspiring stories. For us, inspiration is synonymous with innovation, and creating innovative products is part of our DNA.

Check out all Cricut brand products at our official Mimo Crafts store.

Our mission is to create amazing products that allow you to create whatever you want. We believe that, through our products, we can inspire people to make dreams come true. And being a source of inspiration is what motivates us to be better every day. We are a brand that specializes in developing fantastic craft products and supplies.

Check it all out at mimocrafts.com.br

We started from a passion for storing family memories securely in more than just photo albums, in works of art personalized with our creative essence. We saw this demand in the market and, since then, we’ve invested in creating functional, innovative and high quality products and tools for restless creatives who want to dare in scrapbooking and paper customization.

Check out all We R brand products at our Silhouette Brazil store. 

We are creativity, infinite possibilities and passion for personalizing dreams. Our products are recognized for facilitating various types of manual work, for the contemporary and clean design they have and for the perfect finish that they add to the customized ones. Every day, we inspire and help artisans record their ideas and memories in a fun, sophisticated and genuinely simple way.

We exist for those who want the best cell phone accessories. Our essence is high quality and an always innovative design, everything was designed to meet the needs of people with expertise and always bring the best experience. Our mission is to bring security to people of purchasing a product with a fair price and a high level. We want and do it, with confidence and perfection. We are rock, we are strong, we are up to date and considerate. As the name implies, we are ROCK!

Discover our Rock and Rock Space sales channel.


Welcome to xTool, the newest Laser technology brand in Brazil with a very specific objective: to transform and simplify the lives of creators and companies with its revolutionary technologies. That’s right: we’re bringing the best laser engraving and cutting machines and tools to make life easier for those whose creativity is beyond limit!

Check it all out at loja.myxtool.com.br



More than 100,000 people impacted
More than 2000 items in our portfolio
More than 10 Global Reach brands managed
We import and manage brands and products from over seven countries
More than 3 countries receive TS2 products
More than 500,000 items sold
Over 16 years of lots of stories to tell